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Ledman is a professional and leading manufacturer in China LED

 Shenzhen Ledman Optoelectronic  Co., Ltd. (Short Name: Ledman Optoelectronic, Stock Code: 300162) is a leading provider of LED high-tech products and solutions in China. The company since its first establishment in 1993,and was founded in 2004 .It was successfully listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 and is an excellent benchmark enterprise in China's LED optoelectronic industry.

 In the field of high-tech LED ,ledman has been committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality, high brightness LED components, energy efficient LED lighting products, and indoor & outdoor LED displays. So far, Ledman’s products have been brought into more than 100 countries all over the world .Ledman’s core business covers LED display, LED lighting, LED components, LED energy saving and LED media. At present, the new generation of COB Fine-pitch HD LED display panel has been developed. And Fine-pitch HD LED display technology combines advanced LED integrated packaging technology and LED intelligent display control technology ,with a series of technological breakthroughs, the independent intellectual property rights belongs to Ledman Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. In March 2018, Ledman Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd. officially released  COB Fine-pitch HD LED display panel, which will be mass-produced in the current month. n March 2019,Ledman Introduces COB Fine-Pitch P0.9 HD LED display panel again,the same,it has been in Mass Production.The COB Fine-pitch HD LED display panel will be the strategic focus of products and technology in Ledman for the next three years.

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 LEDMAN headquartered located in Nanshan district, Shenzhen,Guangdong, China. Themanufacturing base is located in Huizhou Zhongkai Hi-tech Development Zone,Huizhou, Guangdong ,China.The manufacturing base was built with 34,951.003 million yuan (RMB) of investment,   Ledman has been named as a member of Takers for National Torch Projects in 2010. And it is also a national qualified high & new Technology-based Enterprise. With years of development, Ledman has equipped with the most advanced automatic manufacturing devices for LED products. Ledman owns the most advanced complete set of automatic photoelectric manufacturing equipments in the world. Through independent innovation ,a total of 256 technology patents have been owned by Ledman,including 78 invention patents, 126 Utility model patents, and 46 design patens; in the above patent applications, 187 valid patents were granted, of which 35 were inventions, 109 were utility models and 43 were design. In addition, Shenzhen Ledman also owns 1 US invention patent; master the latest international packaging technology.All these achievements should owe to nothing but the R&D team’s nearly 14 years’ experience in the design and production of LED products, and efforts in independent innovation.

  Ledman is committed to providing customers with high quality products, services and solutions that create more value to win customer trust and loyalty. Ledman adheres to the mission of “improving the level of the industry, creating core values, and being among the best in the industry”. Relying on its strong financial resources and talents,  it is committed to innovation in the high-end LED field and persists in leading the development of the national semiconductor lighting business and LED display application business.

  It is to be noted here that Ledman honorably became the Strategic Partner of Chinese Football Association and the Official Sponsor of Super Football League in 2011-2016.Currently, it is the official sponsor of the Football League Club and the league business operator. At the same time, it provides LED advertising and business services for top-level events such as the Football Association Cup, China Team and International Champions Cup.

  Ledman dreams go with the Chinese dream. As a vibrant and flourishing enterprise, Ledman has successfully developed from a single high-tech LED company to a diversified enterprise,which include development of high technology and sports. In the future, Ledman will take advantage of the capital market advantage by virtue of its accumulation in the high-tech LED industry and its first-mover advantage in the sports industry, and become a listed company with a high degree of social responsibility with capital output, management output and brand output. In March 2019, Ledman introduced the Fine-pitch P0.9 product and achieved mass production.